Iron City Fishing Camp – a fabulous place

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Aug. #2 new work 009

Scott Barnim and I went to Iron City Fishing Camp, a 3 hour jaunt from here, to take part in their art event. As you can see, I had 2 cases and 2 boxes and all the rest of the boxes were Scott’s pottery. We waited for the camp’s launch to pick us up and deliver us and our goods. The boat came with 4 men who proceeded to load everything and once we arrived, unloaded and took all to the building where we would be setting up. It was efficient, and extremely helpful….Scott did tell me that we would be looked after very well…..and we most certainly were. We started to set up our work and were swamped with campers who were interested in what we had brought. (we were warned about this). Lunch was about 12 and we were treated to a lovely meal…in a dining hall where everyone had gathered. This camp has been around since the late 1800’s. There were pictures of Victorian womena in long gowns, and men in suits and hats….the first campers…..outside their tents. Now there are cottages everywhere. This is a private camp so not open to the public. Beautiful grounds and Georgian Bay is right there….sandy beach….just delightful.
And the staff and campers were delightful as well. Each of us had a student staffer to help with our sale. I don’t think that this event could have been made any easier for us to do. Everything was thought of.
It was a great day.

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