Carnegie Gallery Small Works Exhibit

December 16, 2013 | Filed under: Uncategorized

The Carnegie Gallery is definitely worth a visit if you are still looking for gifts or for something for yourself. A good number of artisans are exhibiting til the end of the month….some that are only there at this time of year, such as myself. I have my jewellery there so if you missed my open house, there is still an opportunity to have a look and see some of my work. My studio is also open by appointment if you would like to come by.
My Christmas Open House was a huge success. We were swamped Sat. morning and Sunday a.m. as well. Thank you everyone who came by. It is so gratifying to see my pieces go to new homes or elsewhere as gifts. I was able to finish all my post sale tasks…..lengthening, shortening, making complementary earrings etc by Monday p.m. I was determined this time to get everything done in good time and I did…..which made for a relaxing rest of the week. And I do use the word “relaxing” in a loose way. Life around here tends to be very hectic.
Along with you I look forward to an exciting 2014. May good things happen to everyone. 🙂

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