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And the story goes on!  Our last night in NYC was spent experiencing Kaseiki which is the Japanese version of a chef’s tasting menu—Outstanding!!!  We had dumplings, sea urchin, crab, sushi, soups, duck, etc. etc.–all delicious bites and just beautifully presented.  It was almost a shame to eat it but not quite.  The highlight was meeting a brewmaster from Iware who presented his Sake for us to enjoy.  He was visiting from Japan and introducing his Sake to the patrons of this fine restaurant.  It was quite ceremonial and the sake was delicious.  Our waiter told us that unpasteurized sake doesn’t travel well and it is almost unheard of to have it in North America.  This sake was just delightful.  My daughter had her picture taken with the brewmaster showing him pouring his sake-an advertising moment!  I had no idea that there were so many types of sake.  The prices ranged from about 40.USD for a small bottle to almost 300.  Our courses were paired with the appropriate sake which made the evening even more special.

Now I do have to mention that I did find some lovely stones which I will be incorporating into my spring collection.  I am starting to work on that now.  I found emeralds and rubies that were an intense colour (enhanced by the manufacturer) and quite striking.  Also aquamarine which I will pair with silver and light smoky quartz or whatever strikes me at the moment.  I often start out with an idea and then go off on a tangent which is totally different from my original thought–not a bad thing as sometimes unusual and exciting designs result.  I also found obsidian disks which are a blackish grey and will use with wire.  One of my favourite finds was green amethyst-a lovely shade to bring the spring in with.  I am going to start adding pictures to this blog.  Please watch for them.

Please check out my events section.  The year has started with my planning several shows.  As confirmations come in I will post the dates.

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