Thanksgiving Week End is here!!

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A friend and I went to the Ball’s Falls Thanksgiving Festival yesterday.  It was an incredible day to be outdoors.  An especially good thing for artists and craftspeople who display their creations outside.  Last year it rained a lot during this 4 day event.  It makes me wonder if this was the reason that we found the number of artists had decreased.  In fact our favourites were not there and it was disappointing.  It looked like only half the food vendors (makers of tasty sauces, preserves, chocolates etc.) were present.  There were still a number of good things to see but we were through in an hour which is normally unheard of.  We then proceeded down to Vineland School which has a festival (for three days) as its major fundraiser.  Now this was packed as there were artists, craftpeople, and vendors of just about everything.  Lots of fun!  We met Jody Wieler of Wieler Studios which is in St. Catharines.  Jody makes beautiful lampwork beads and I purchased some to incorporate into my designs. When I looked at her website imagine my surprise to find that she will be exhibiting at Mac Craft Fair, November 6th, 7th, and  8th.  This is an art show hosted by the McMaster Museum of Art and will of course be held at the university.  I will also be exhibiting during that time.  I am looking forward to this event which comes shortly after the Beyond the Valley Studio Tour in Dundas.  This is an exceptionally busy time of year  which artists actually hope for so I really am appreciative.

On Friday I was in Toronto purchasing new stones.  I do have in my possession natural lavender jade.   Not much as it is very expensive.  It is the most subtle colour.  Just beautiful.  Enough for a bracelet or two depending on embellishments.  I also found some mookite (wonderful earth tones), large amethyst pieces, and the list goes on.  But you will have to come to my studio to see.  I am going to open my packages today and it will feel like Christmas when I take all the gemstones out.  I was very lucky in that my supplier let me go through her newly arrived shipment of over 20 boxes.  It was definitely an exciting and fun 2 hours.  One of the new stones that I picked up is called phantom quartz.  I have 2 types, large polished rounds and faceted barrel shapes.  These stones have a green colour going through them .  So I have added emeralds and sterling decorative cylinders to make a collar.  It is a dynamite necklace.

My husband and I are just back from a motorcycle ride on this glorious day.  Coffee time and then back to work.

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