A Christmas Open House SELL-OUT!!

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Well–almost!! It was truly an exciting and fabulous 3 days as many, many pieces of my jewellery went to new homes. Michele Steeves of the Hamilton Spectator featured several pieces in her “Style” column the previous Tuesday. Quite a number of people arrived with that page of the paper altho all but one of the pieces pictured had sold out by 3 p.m. on the Friday.
And there were quite a few men, on their own, purchasing pieces for a significant other. May I say quite a few “smart” men. One father and young son, usually come every year at this time. The son has an excellent eye for stones and design as he usually chooses something that is new and dramatic for his mother. And he very much enjoys making a selection which is lovely to see.
One young woman who comes regularly to my events, wanted a bracelet shortened. Rather than do that, as I still had some of the same stones available, I had her choose the pieces that would make up her bracelet. So now she can say that the design was influenced by her choices, which it was. And it was fun for her to do this.
My team was here to help which is priceless to me but the most important thing is that when we are all together, we have a lot of fun. And I am truly grateful that they enjoy being part of my jewellery events. My husband is also a great support. He makes coffee for our guests and sandwiches for the rest of us-and great sandwiches they are. Although I spend long, long hours, especially the week before the open house, designing and then making jewellery, in the end because of a great team effort, it is a fun and successful event. So I thank all of these wonderful people who help me whenever they can and of course I thank everyone who comes to my Open House, appreciates what I do and then takes a piece (or 2 or 3 or 4) home because they think that it is lovely. One woman, who was new to me, brought a friend whose family has been in the jewellery business for decades. This friend complimented me on the beauty and quality of my work. This was an important thing for me to hear and I truly appreciate it.
I have a fundraiser coming up, a number of special orders to do. If you would like a piece that you have seen or want to see what I have, do get in touch. I am always available by appointment.
And do remember that I have jewellery at the Carnegie Art Gallery in Dundas, for sale during the Small Works Exhibit this month. Do drop in there.
As well, some pieces are at Nova Moda Boutique at 368 Main St. W. in Hamilton. Wonderful clothes too!!
Today I spent the entire day, getting sterling silver supplies as I had run out entirely. It is an exhausting time but well worth it. I use sterling in my pieces but also Hill Tribe Silver which is from Thailand. Hill Tribe has a 95% to 98% silver content which is above the 92.5% content of sterling. It also has a different patina which I find warmer.
I rested yesterday, so to speak, as I did pack everything away and today I am back at it. Christmas is coming! Perhaps I will rest then or is that pie in the sky!!

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