HAPPY NEW YEAR for 2010!!

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This is the last day of 2009 and it is hard to believe. I have this great feeling about 2010-it is going to be an exciting year!!

Christmas is now becoming a memory. For the first time, we celebrated Christmas Eve at our house. Usually my mother hosts this event which consists of at least 12 meatless dishes. We are of Ukrainian origin so this traditional meal has pyrogies both potatoe & cheese as well as sauerkraut, cabbage rolls, fish, pickled herring, 2 kinds of vegetable, borscht with small mushroom pyrogies, kootya (I am not sure of the spelling) which is barley with poppy seed and honey. In rural Ukraine, this was thrown onto the ceiling and if a lot of it stuck, it bespoke a good harvest in the upcoming year. We didn’t try it here though. There was also bread, and salad plus assorted baked goods. My sister-in-law made trifle (as she is not Ukrainian but had the good sense to marry one). My eldest daughter brought the fish. It was a feast and a good time was had by all 16 of us. It is also hard to believe that our family has grown so much in numbers.
On Christmas Day, we went to our eldest daughter’s home for breakfast. We have 3 married children, so they spent the day with their in-laws. I am glad that we have started this new tradition of having Christmas Eve here. My mother who was to have an easier and more relaxing time by giving up her role as hostess, in the end, made all the traditional foods. Well not all, I cooked the vegetables, under her directions just in case I didn’t do it the right way. I think it was somewhat hard for her to give it up but I think in the end she will see that it was time to pass this tradition on. And perhaps next year, I will be able to prepare more than the veggies.

The Small Works Exhibit at the Carnegie Gallery in Dundas is over. It was a very successful event for me as many of my pieces were sold. Earrings seem to do exceptionally well there. This is my third year at the Carnegie and it gives me great pleasure to be part of the gallery’s program in December.

The Dundas Valley School of Art Auction is coming up in April and I have already received my info re contributions. This is also my third year participating in this Art Auction fundraiser for the DVSA. I will be sending in 8 pieces as my contribution to this very worthwhile event.

I am now preparing for a half day with Greg Fess, the excellent photographer whose studio is in Waterloo, and who takes photos of my work. I use these images in my invitation cards to my Open House events in March and December, and in the Beyond the Valley Studio Tour brochures-the tour is 2x a year in May and October, as well as on my website.

My Spring Open House, the first week end of March is my next major event. It is time to prepare for that by searching out new stones and designing new pieces.

I hope that 2010 will be a good year for everyone!

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