BEYOND THE VALLEY STUDIO TOUR-this Saturday & Sunday–10 to 5

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This is it! The studio tour is this week end and it is so hard to believe. I think that April and May just whizzed by. I have been staying up late to try and put into concrete form, some of my ideas for different pieces. Always before an event, my head is just buzzing and it is often hard to even fall asleep after a late night. My dreams often revolve around my school days-shows that I am stressed and that those were stressful times.

We have had lots of good publicity for the tour. The group was featured in the Spectator-thank you Michele Steeves for your support. Jeff Mahoney’s column made note of it. Altho it would be nice to have an article. After all we are the longest running tour in this part of Ontario and all the rest of the tours are based on our example. But nevertheless-thank you Jeff!
We appeared on morning television this past Tuesday as well. So all in all what more can be done. The public will let us know soon enough.
Our garden is looking quite lush and the irises are magnificent. I think that the poppies will “pop” on Saturday which will add to the wonderful colour. Next week, I will be adding my annuals and can’t wait to get started. We have palms in front of our porch and those darn ants having started farming aphids on one. Yesteray the palm was sprayed with a mixture of veg oil, dishwashing detergent and water. Looks to be successful but the palm looks very sad. Hopefully it will recover.

Now for coffee and back to work.

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