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Fall is Here!! The Wedding is Over!! Back to Work!!

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September 21 was the first day of fall which promises to be beautiful.  It is my favourite season.  Our wedding was the day before.  My son got married and it was a wonderful event-happy, emotional, lively and certainly lots of fun.  Now it is time to get back to work.  I visited my suppliers today in order to buy sterling silver in chains and findings and other assorted goodies.  I always have a budget which really goes all to hell!  It is hard to resist beautiful things.  I also found some interesting stones-one is called chariote and has almost pearlized purples, blacks and green colours.  It will work well with amethysts.  Another is riolata which has black as a background and then veining in almost a periwinkle blue.  Very attractive.  Hope that I get to these pieces soon.

This week I am finishing up projects that were delayed because of our wedding.  I also plan to visit Nova Moda Boutique again.  Some of my pieces are there and it is time to replenish.  Fall clothing is arriving which is wonderful as this again is my favourite type of clothing to get.  Danielle Sobot, the owner is carrying exciting new labels this season.  There are winter coats from Antonio D’enrico, L. Berness, Ross Mayer, Bernardo.  Canadian designers such as David Dixon and Ross Mayer can be found.  Look for Ross Mayer, Michael Kors, David Dixon evening wear as well as ABS.  Expect to see stunning cocktail dresses.  I just can’t wait.  NYD jeans are also available at this boutique.  Great stuff!  Everytime I go in, I don’t leave alone.  Right now all the summer fashions (Michael Kors, Laundry, Anne Klein, 9 West) are 50% off, which is another bonus.  

All my thinking has paid off!  There will be many new designs to see at my upcoming events.

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What’s Next?

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The Grimsby Festival of Art was an amazing success!  Thank you everyone who stopped by to see my work and who purchased a piece or two.  The day started out rather ominously with a light drizzle.  This soon became a down pour.  But there were intrepid visitors to the festival with their umbrellas and raincoats.  Not many at first but as the morning progressed and the rain stopped the numbers increased greatly.  The Grimsby Festival is obviously very popular and some with whom I spoke would not miss going, no matter what.  I was again fortunate to be on Nelles Blvd with its lovely homes.  This is my last outdoor event for the year.  My new tent has served me well as we have weathered several bad storm days already.  After another successful show, I look forward to coming to Grimsby next year.  I hope that I see you there!

My next exhibit will be at my home for the Beyond The Valley Studio Tour in Dundas.  This is my second year to be part of this excellent tour which is October 18 and 19 (a Saturday and Sunday) from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  I am happy to say that my guest  will be Michelle Guitard who is an extraordinary painter.  There are examples of her fine work on her website.  Just follow the link.  I am very much looking forward to having her with me as part of our group of artists.  Please be sure to join us-this studio tour  which is in its 27th year and is the oldest studio tour in Southern Ontario is always the week end after Thanksgiving.  There are 8 studios with 13 artists.  It is a great way to spend a day or week end.  And the bonus is that for every 10 dollars that you spend,  you will receive a studio tour buck (for individual purchases of up to $400.)  These studio tour bucks can then be applied to other purchases.  They just have to be used by the end of the week end.  A shopping bargain!!  Another great bonus when you come to my studio is our beautiful garden.  My century home wherein lies my studio is on a hill and the garden is out front.  It is enormous as we have over 200 perennials. 

I am now just working on projects that have accumulated in the last few weeks.  We also have a wedding in our family next week end, so jewellery design has to go on the back burner for a while.

But I am always thinking-always thinking-always thinking!  Some great new designs are coming!!

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