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Spring studio tour is over…..And Spring is following…..

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If you weren’t here for the Beyond the Valley Studio Tour this past week end, then you missed these beauties. The poppies, which are a red with blue undertones, opened the Saturday of the tour. The peach ruffled irises are named after Beverley Sills and my understanding is that they are no longer available. The pink blooms are Weigelia. It has been a very good year for spring blooms. Ours have been fantastic.
Thank you everyone who came out and admired our gardens and of course my work. The Cotton Pearls, I am happy to say, were a huge success. I will be designing and making more pieces as the summer goes on. So do give me a call, if you missed out on getting a piece. I will have smaller versions of the coloured cotton pearls and different sizes and shapes of the taupe, bronze, orange,cream etc. as well, particularly for the fall studio tour which is the week end after Thanksgiving.
Catherine Weir who is a potter, was my guest. Her new pieces were very well received and she was quite happy to be here, as we were to have her.
My next event might be the Saturday of Cactus Festival…..more informal and just the one day. I have done that the past several years and have enjoyed keeping in touch with everyone.

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