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Grimsby Festival of Arts-Saturday, Sept. 12th (9 to 5)

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This Saturday, Sept. 12th, I will be an exhibitor at the Grimsby Festival of ArtsBooth 41 on Nelles Blvd. This is a beautiful tree-lined street of 1930’s era homes. The owners have graciously allowed this event to be set up, right in front of their homes. It promises to be a good day weather wise. So do come out, there are over 200 artisans in this juried show. My collection of jewellery is totally different from what I presented last year. I find that my designs continually evolve and also I am quite diligent in searching out new and different gemstones. This year there will be more vintage pieces incorporated into my designs, as well as copper. But sterling silver is always present as I am very fond of this precious metal and it does set off the colourful gemstones that I love so well.
We have just returned from a week end at Tobermory-and as you know an absolutely wonderful week end weatherwise and otherwise. Summer is finally here. I think that September is going to be a fabulous month-it is one of my favourites.
I visited the Circle Arts Gallery in Tobermory.This gallery is a Niche Award winner for 2009, just one of 2 Canadian winners. The Niche Award is given to the top 24 craft/retailers in North America. Congratulations to this wonderful gallery. I am proud to say that Circle Arts carries my jewellery. The first shipment sold out and the second shipment is well on its way to being sold out also. There are 2 paintings there that I admire and do want in my home. One is by Joanne Clarke and the other by Maurice Stubbs. The gallery closes on Thanksgiving week end. I may have to get back before then.

My next event is the Beyond the Valley Studio Tour which is always the week end after Thanksgiving. This is an opportunity to visit my century home and to see my new pieces of jewellery. There will be many so off to work I go.

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